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Featuring Big Sky Country's hottest FPV Drone Racing!

With diverse applications, including emergency medical supply delivery, accurate wildlife surveys, hazardous area exploration, search and rescue operations, and precision agriculture, unmanned aerial vehicles have the potential to make dangerous jobs safer, difficult tasks easier, and unobtainable goals possible. Unlike other trade shows and exhibitions, the Bridger Cup is a fast-paced dynamic event that engages spectators and lets manufacturers and hobbyists demonstrate their products and abilities in a safe and supervised environment. Please use the link above to register for the race, and we will send you a full registration packet and additional details regarding the event. See you there!

Event Description:

What is FPV?
First Person View, or better known as FPV, is an exciting new topic in the drone world. First person view racing means that a video camera is mounted to the front of the aerial vehicle with live video broadcasting to the pilot or controller of the aircraft. This type of race gives the pilot the ability to fly as if from the aircraft itself, enabling the pilot to fly much higher and further than from the standard view on the ground. FPV racing is for all levels of drone enthusiasts, so please sign up or contact The Bridger Cup team for more details on how to get started. 
The Bridger Cup is a drone competition and public exposition focused on bringing together various unmanned aerial systems manufacturers, professionals, and hobbyists to showcase the continually changing state of unmanned aerial system technology and the benefits they can bring to the public. This event is a great way for all levels of drone technology enthusiasts to interact with professionals along with showcasing some of the innovative technologies that originate in Montana. 
The Bridger Cup Exposition allows UAS manufacturers and industry professionals to meet in person and stay current with rapidly evolving UAS technology and build new relationships. In addition to standard exhibitor booths, the three-acre fly zone provides exhibitors with a venue to give potential clients live, dynamic demonstrations. A panel of industry leaders will highlight especially innovative technologies with an emphasis on those that improve quality of life or otherwise benefit the general public.